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Monday Link-up: What’s Your Style?

I’m so happy today to be hosting the Plum and June Let’s Get Acquainted Monday Link Up!

For those of you who visited during the LGA blog hop – welcome back! And a big welcome to anyone who is a new visitor.

As a refresher, my name is Nicole and Bold Goods is the name of my quilting company, where I primarily make baby quilts. So you will always get a splash of color and high quotient of novelty prints on my blog posts, but I also have a more modern style so hopefully my posts are also appealing to people who make things that are not tiny and pink.

This week I am sharing a darling little quilt top that I hinted at in my last post:

baby girl quilt

Inspired by the new Constellations prints by Lizzy House and a few coordinates, I found this pastel charm pack that I ordered quite awhile ago that I thought went perfectly.

When I was testing layouts I had this silly thought: “There’s something magical about rainbows.” No I don’t take drugs,hah, but the thought stuck.

this way bold goods

I tried to take pictures all week, and every day it was grey grey grey. Then there was light, but it came with a blizzard. Matt was the best husband ever and took me to the park to take photos anyway. Unfortunately it went something like this:

headless bold goods

His assertions of my craziness turned out to be totes legitimate.

pink baby quilt, pink and blue baby quilt, half square triangle, new baby quilt, new baby girl,

But at least we got to visit the sled hill.


And now for the linking!


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Cloudy with a Chance of Ring Around the Rosie

I’ve been working on lots of sewing projects since my winter holiday break, but so many are partly-secret gifts and I can’t quite share. It’s also been dark and dreary, hard to take good photos. I’ve felt so disconnected from the blog world though, and I’m happy to have something to share today.

cloudy bold goods 6

This quilt started at the same time as the Charmed quilt, and is sort of its opposite as you can see.

cloudy layout

The cloud quilting was a new idea I wanted to try out, and I’m really happy with how they came out. They’re pretty evenly-sized and spaced, AND it was fun and easy to do, so I hope to have another reason to use them in the future.

Cloudy bold goods 1

There are so many exciting things to discover in these prints, from rockets to fish, birds, and pigs,  I think it’ll be perfect for tummy time for some special baby out there. And of course my signature tags on the side for grabbing and soothing.

cloudy bold goods 3

The back is also full of character, and shows the quilting well (and that I should’ve ironed before photographing it!)

cloudy bold goods 4

Now that I have two perfectly gender neutral quilts in my formerly-empty shop, I feel freed to indulge myself in all things pink and floral for a while (in addition to catching up on gifts owed).

baby girl quilt

How are things your way? Is the winter weather getting in the way of some things you have to do?

Stitch that Stash

Late last year when I was considering my goals for sewing in 2013, I decided I was ready and interested in joining a bee. Have you ever joined one?

If not, bees are a small group of quilters who agree to make two blocks of choice for a different group member each month. They’re a great way to get out of your comfort zone a little and try out other people’s tastes as well as new techniques.

Lo and behold, one of my blogging friends Krista emailed me and asked if I wanted to join a bee where each month the quilters use their own fabrics to make the blocks – Stitch that Stash. This was perfect for me because I can use what I have (easier!) but also I can be more creative about the process by choosing my own fabric, which I’ve found is pretty crucial to me actually finishing something.

This month, Deb asked us for a fairly simple block, the churn dash, using this tutorial. It’s not as detailed as I would like for a tutorial, but I was able to use it to make these blocks:

churn dash bold goods

churn dash block, stitch that stash

stitch stash bold goods

I liked them so much I made an additional two for me. I think I’ll continue to do that so at the end of the process I’lll have two quilts instead of just one!

Have you made this block?


This quilt started when Marian posted the cutest variety of prints in a charm pack on her Instagram feed. Everyone is using it these days to de-stash, and I’ve gotten a couple of great deals on fabric.



I first tried to put them all together in a patchwork quilt, but didn’t love it. Then I realized that half of them were prints on white backgrounds, and half were on colored backgrounds, so I split them up and found some reverse larger prints in my stash.

Musta layout bold goods

The navy print is Mustaherukka, it’s a Japanese linen blend from Kokka. It’s a Finnish word that translates to Blackcurrant. I love all the little animals, they are so darling.

Once I added the charm squares it was 27″, so I decided to add a 4″ border to bump it up into my normal size, between 33 and 40 inches. It’s a similar format to my Paris in Spring, Turtle Power, and I Spy quilts. I guess I enjoy simple patchwork from time to time!

For the border, I drew a bright red print called Stamped by Ellen Luckett Baker, and a lime green Kona solid. Then I picked the binding, Summersville by Lucie Summers. I love the Stamped line, the colors are very nice and it’s also a Kokka linen blend.

baby quilt, new baby, new baby gift, new baby boy, new baby girl, patchwork baby quilt

Because the central print is so playful, I did a swirly free motion pattern, and framed all of the bears. Then I quilted 3/8″ off of the seams for the borders.

Musta quilting bold goods

Here it is with my favorite model, the puppy! It’s going to make a great play mat or crib quilt.

Musta puppy bold goods

It’s so cozy. I love the bright white surrounding the navy, and how the red and green help the prints on the white charms to really pop.

Musta chair 4 bold goods

What are you working on to start the new year? Any new fabric you’re excited to work with?

a few things

Hey there! Hope you’ve all had some time over the past few weeks to rest, recuperate, and recharge. The day after I returned from my emergency trip home to take care of my mom, I turned right around and drove South to meet my family in Florida for New Year’s celebrations. Thanks for all of your messages of concern – she’s doing so much better!

There was lots of eating, game playing, laughing and going on adventures.


Can you tell which one of us lives in Florida? ;)

photo 2

Myakka River State Park Canopy Walk

photo 4

Gator Bites

photo 1

No Mermaids were harmed in the making of this photo

And my Grandma showed me the quilt she made me! She said it’s the most difficult quilt she’s ever made. The whole thing is made of pieced squares – Isn’t it beautiful? The FMQ is from a shop in Michigan and has swirls and stars. If I ever have an office, I’m going to hang it there.


Shooting Star Quilt, Julie French, 2012

I returned home to a recently emptied shop and a new custom order, on top of all the 2012 projects that didn’t get finished, so I’m busy busy busy. Which means I’ll be back soon with a project to share!

How was your holiday? Making anything special this week? xo

Traveling Stash Winner!

Hi all,

Sorry this is late and brief, I had to fly home yesterday as my mom is having health issues. 

On to what you all want to know, thanks to Random.org the winner is comment number 2 – Cherise! Congratulations, and can’t wait to see what you do with the stash!

Very Bold Goods Christmas, Part IV: Mr. and Mrs. Stockings and the Traveling Stash

So, Matt and I decided to stuff stockings for each other this year to keep Christmas low-key (we’re traveling as a gift). It sounded so simple, until I realized we didn’t have stockings to stuff!

handmade stocking, handmade christmas decoration, stocking tutorial

Alas, I was completely holiday-fabric-less! That is where this amazing box came in handy:

traveling stash Bold Goods

What is it, you ask? Oh, no big deal, just a big ‘ol pile of totally free and amazing stash fabric to choose from at my leisure, nbd.

It is called the Two Sisters Traveling Stash box, and last week it arrived at my doorstep courtesy of Lori, who packed it full of super duper supplies. Other items have traveled as far and wide as Louisiana and California, where each quilting blogger has taken a few favorites out, and put a few favorites in. I took these gorgeous Connecting Threads fat quarters as well as the perfect white and red-striped lining fabric for my stockings:

stocking back Bold Goods

Then I added two coordinated bright, modern FQ sets, a couple half-yards of more traditional fabrics, a set of 3″ mini charms with adorable farm scenes, and some drool-worthy notions.

Left: My additions, Right: My subtractions

Left: My additions, Right: My subtractions

If you want a chance at getting this great box, all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me you want it, what you’ll do with your new stash, and one of you lucky ladies gets to have it! (Only open to United States participants.)

traveling stash button

Got it? The drawing closes at 12 noon Tuesday December 18, winner announced Tuesday night! Good luck!

reading stocking Bold Goods

Ornaments handmade by my great-grandmother, Percy French, 1980, Michigan

And, can’t let anyone go away empty-handed, so if you don’t win, you can console yourself with my easy tutorial for making your very own stockings!

UPDATE: Amber’s comment reminds me that I didn’t at all mention the rules. You can check them out here at Hilachas. Rule number one is that the receiver must be an active blogger :) Thanks for everyone’s participation so far!

A Very Bold Goods Christmas, Project 3

The third project in my holiday crafting adventure is a small tree wall hanging. I didn’t want it to scream HOLIDAYS. The idea was something woodsy that could stay up all year in a cabin, but would feel especially cozy for Christmas.

tree wall hanging Bold Goods

I was inspired by this Purl Bee mini quilt from last year, but didn’t want to break up the prints down the middle of the trees, so I drafted my own pattern. Also, those trees are tiny! I sized my equilateral triangle blocks to 5 1/2 inches square, then added the trunk strips that are 1 1/2 inches tall (unfinished).

trees in a row Bold Goods

Next I cut 2.5″ white strips to place between the trees to give it the scattered look, and separated each row with a 2″ strip. The border is 2″ of Kona peapod, the white is Kona Bone.

photo 4

I quilted only the white space in a loopy free motion design (to kind of resemble snowfall) and left the trees unquilted to give the puffy 3 dimensional look. The photos make the trees look wobblier than they do in real life – it’s actually less dramatic.

tree wall hanging close Bold Goods

That’s it! What Christmas projects are you working on? Making any handmade gifts this year? My family is celebrating in Florida with a handmade gift swap. I can’t wait to see what everyone does with their different skills!

Haul Out the Holly

This year I was so so SO excited to have our first Christmas tree. And now I can die happy.

Saturday, we cleaned and organized and pulled out the Christmas boxes. Then Sunday morning we went to see our friend/wedding DJ Charles at his stand, McGolrick Trees (named after the local park). He started it as a film project, and has kept it up for three years now. I love the little community he’s building with the project! So of course I made him some fan art.

christmas tree

We had super fun picking it out, squeezing it into the back of the civic (through the trunk!) and carrying it home. Then I got to get all Mom on the Christmas lights. 300 lights in, I still had more tree to go.

Matt did a quick run to the store and discovered that while we were decorating, our corner bodega (which has recently turned into a REAL LIFE grocery store – with organic produce!) had erected its own stand of Fraser firs. Womp womp. But no big deal because our tree is great.

photo (1)Want to see it all decorated?

christmas tree

Wooden Rudolph handmade by Charles Houdek, Las Vegas, circa 1990. Tree skirt handmade by Julie French, Las Vegas, circa 1990.

Once we finished decorating, we sat on the couch for 2 hours just talking about how cozy our apartment felt. Just kidding. It was more like 4 hours. Also it smells amazing.

You can see what Charles is up to at the stand via Instagram @McGolrickTrees!

How was your weekend? Do you do “spring cleaning” before Christmas decorating?